Saturday, January 3, 2009

Putting Things Away

UCC: (Opening the carton of cat food and putting the cans away in the cupboard)

TCG: I was going to put them away.

UCC: I just thought I'd like them put away sometime in 2009.

TCG: I just have to catch my breath. I was going to put them away later, I promise.

WISIMH: Imagine that? I was going to the backyard to dig up the ammunition, load the pistol, and blow my brains out. I’ll get to that later, I promise.

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KittyB said...

This is some sort of serendipity - just this morning I was thinking of blogging all those conversations that can never happen, those where I'm unneccessarily mean to other people who probably don't deserve it, and then you comment on my blog. I did wonder that if what I posted was so vitriolic nobody would get it and would just think I'm a twisted old misery-witch. But hey - then there'll be two of us! I raise a glass to you, UCC.