Thursday, October 2, 2008

trinity of follies

Whether or not you believe in god, I do. Here are my hold trinity of gods:

Existential Clown
First among equals in the Trinity of Follies. A composite of all childhood imaginary friends: nice people in the Actual World who remain reasonably sane, and attempt, from time to time, to talk other characters down from the ledge before it crumbles and buries us in the rubble of our dreams.

Plastic Jesus
The Imaginary Higher Power, the one true son of the one true god (who was a single parent, apparently). PJ was incarnated as the mutant offspring of 21st century global capitalism and brainwashed, unwashed masses. (Note to the Damned Anarchists and other atheists: this character is real to a lot of people who believe so strongly in his existence that they would kill you). PG is as real as the other existential clowns and imaginary super-friends in this blog.

Imaginary Superfriend
The final member of the Trinity of Follies. Amorphous composite of all known existential clowns and madmen. IS has various powers, like the ability to draw a perfect circle freehand, say, or burp the alphabet, or drive drunk but safely home in the rain, or make good fudge without using a recipe, or leaping tall buildings in a single bound.

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