Monday, November 9, 2009

Name That TV Show

TCG: (Walking in from the TV room) Thought I’d visit you.

UCC: (At computer) Well, hi.

TCG: There was a commercial.

UCC: In what?

TCG: In what I was listening to.

UCC: What were you listening to?

TCG: So I didn’t have to listen to it.

UCC: What TV show were you listening to before the commercial?

TCG: Oh. Heavy metal something like.

WISIMH: Duck! Here comes Abe Simpson’s gathering darkness. Such diminished conversational capacity that it could probably rise to the level of a successful defense against a charge of acting with premeditated passive aggression. We still make each other laugh, but that doesn’t make up for provision of mutual solace and support as we approach the scary door. I wish that that which will not kill us will make us both stronger.

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