Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fun with Short Term Memory Loss

Watching the news, and Howard Dean was just interviewed about the status of the health plan legislation. Sufficient time has elapsed for this information to be bumped out of the short term memory queue into the wild blue yonder of neural synapses where long term memories may be stored but are often not indexed for later reference.

TCG: Did I just miss Dean’s interview?
UCC: I don’t know. You were laying on the couch. Were you sleeping?
TCG: Dean. Dean. The other guy. Who was interviewed? The other Dean.
UCC: The guy who was in the movie Giant and was then killed in a drunk driving incident?
TCG: No the other Dean.
UCC: The guy who makes the sausage in a chocolate chip bun on a stick?
TCG: No. Nixon.
UCC: Nixon’s name wasn’t Dean…. Ah, you mean John Dean?
TCG: Yeah. That’s the interview I missed when I was on the couch?
UCC: Possibly, but not tonight. Howard Dean was interviewed. John Dean wasn’t.

In other news…

TCG: DOB has a rash on her arm. J told her to put Milk of Magnesia on it.
UCC: Sure she didn’t mean calamine lotion?
TCG: I’m pretty sure she did, but we can’t question this because, as you know, J knows everything, and DOB forgets nothing.
UCC: When you pick up the Milk of Magnesia, pick me up some car wax to douche with, and a bottle of hair gel for my indigestion.
TCG: Done. I’ll also get some cough syrup in case my dandruff doesn’t clear up by the time I finish the brake fluid.

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